We believe in shared decision making. What are your needs? What are your dreams?

Together we will develop gardens that are attractive in all seasons. In a collaborative process we will design a plan that fits in your specified budget range and desired maintenance level. We would like to see your property reach its full potential. Challenges can become opportunities.

Our team has college level training in horticultural studies and many years of experience working with Pacific Northwest Gardens in a variety of settings including seaside properties, hillside renovation, small space renovation, rain gardens, and food cultivating.

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Point Nautica condominium landscaping

Slide 2

A pleasant setting at Marti's Cafe

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A park-like garden experience for Doug and Connie

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Rock wall plantings to delight the senses

Design or renovation—we keep the following in mind:

  • How does your family, pets included, want to use the garden?
  • Universal design for all ages and abilities
  • Sustainable maintenance practices with no need of chemicals
  • Healthy soil and smart watering practices
  • "Right Plant, Right Place"
  • Hardscape that supports good drainage, safety, and low maintenance
  • Potential to integrate Edible Landscape, Wildlife Habitat, & Accessible Elements
  • Container design for smaller spaces